Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"I Want You to Know"

I didn’t want to tell you
The last time it happened,
Or the time before that,
Or the time before that:
So many times
I didn’t want to tell you.

I was ashamed, embarrassed,
Scared to admit it to you
Let alone to myself.
What I wanted felt unseemly,
And I didn’t want to tell you
I was afraid you’d take it away,
And sometimes more afraid
In my eagerness
That you’d give me exactly what I wanted.

This time is different.
I WANT you to know
So badly
I want you to know
Because if I tell you
You are the only one
Who can make it safe.
Whether I get what I want or no,
I want you to know.

Mr. Chips

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"What I Want"

What I want for you
Is to enjoy the time we have together-
Lots of talk, shared fun,
An occasional word of wisdom,
A blessing, even a prayer or two.

What I want you to know
Is that I see the image of my Savior
Every time I look at you,
And remember the price He paid
To put that image on your face.

What I want you to remember
Is I care enough,
    Pray enough,
        And hopefully work hard enough,
So that when you are all grown
You won’t be ashamed
    Or embarrassed
That I called you my friend.

Mr. Chips